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Deer Creek Cottages – Guest Policies

Welcome to Deer Creek Cottages and Guesthouse! We hold out hope you will get pleasure staying here during your vacation. Please follow our policies for us to be sure everyone enjoys being in Deer Creek Cottages. We will provide you with everything necessary including medical care provided by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy. We ask you to respect the rights, neighbors and guests and also be attentive to the nature. We will do our best for you to come back!

Kevin and Kelly Kraemer Sabourin
Featured in Cottages Living magazine fall 2005

If breakfast is included in your package, please deal with the host about the breakfast arrangements. Plaease do not leave dishes dirty when the breakfast is finished.

Check in/check out
You may check in at 3:00 PM (Eastern Time). The time of check out is 11:00 AM of the same Eastern Time. Additional charges are implied if you check out later.

Children are welcome guests at Deer Creek! But there are the following rules. The first one is safety, children should be under control all the time, do not let them play near the ponds or fire alone. The second rule is not to produce noise at the early morning hours because people having vacations there prefer sleeping long. And remember parents are financially chargeable for damages occurred on the territory of Deer Creek.

Cottage Service
We propose a mid-week cleaning in case of one-week rental payments only. The kitchen equipment is offered for you comfort. Please return this equipment at the day of your departure from the cottage.

Decks/grills/private areas
Grills, cooking utensils and patio furniture are included for comfort into available list. But do not move it please. If you want to use lawn furniture ask and you may use it. Be sure your coals are put out at night. Keep a distance between the cottages, outdoor and furniture.

No Smoking
We do not welcome smoking on the territory of Deer Creek. Please do not smoke at accommodations. You may smoke outside the decks. If we find the marks of smoking in cottages a charge of $50 will be taken.

Pets are allowed in case if we are informed beforehand at your reservation. Pets should weight not more than 20lbs in other case your reservation will be called off. The pets should be kept at cottage in the early morning time. We should be respectful to other guests. Pets should be on tether. Please walk your pets to the perimeter of the property. Picking is obligatory. You are financially responsible in case of any damages. No dishes for your pet will be provided.

Dumpsters are provided at every cottage. Please throw all the trash at the day of your department. Be sure the fridge is empty and heater is off.