Cottages Tested by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

The cottages are themed after three of the reasons we fell in love with, and eventually moved to the area: the sand dunes, sailing, and the vineyards -nature's beauty!

Deer Creek Cottages suggests three newly-rearranged conformations to allocate couples and small families during vacation or weekends.

The cottages are named according to three reasons when we are stuck on and suddenly you decided to attend the most beautiful regions such as the sand dunes, sailing, and the vineyards.

We are located on the "dune side" of Saugatuck harbor, on the way to the famous Oval Beach, and within walking distance of the last remaining US chain ferry.
Deer Creek Cottages of Saugatuck Michigan
is situated on the dune side of Saugatuck harbor on going to the Oval Beach and the last keeping US chain ferry. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy has found the road immediate enjoying the landscape of course.