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Viagra for Erectile Dysfunction and Reviews about It

  • 10, 17, 2017
  •  Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra drug has mostly positive reviews. Men periodically use this medication to improve erectile function and prolong sexual contact. These pills during last years are actively advertised, that also warms up interest of men and forces to try action of Viagra.

When to Take Viagra?

Viagra – pills that help to eliminate erectile dysfunction. This is the name of condition in men, when quality of erection is noticeably reduced and possibility of full sexual contact disappears. For the stronger sex, this condition often becomes a real tragedy, so they are ready to take any medication for the sake of increasing erection.

How does Smoking Influences Potency and Prostate?

  • 10, 11, 2017
  •  Erectile Dysfunction

It is scientifically proven that there is relationship between smoking and sexual problems. It is noted that the more a man smokes, the more often he has problems in sexual life. Despite the fact that Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy studies have shown a serious impact of cigarette smoke on men over 35 years old, young men should also think about dangers to health. Temporary absence of problems is explained by the fact that at young age, testosterone is produced in more quantity.

How do cigarettes affect potency? Absorption of nicotine in the process of smoking leads to vascular disease. As a result, atherosclerosis can develop, vessels become blocked, and their walls become brittle. Vessels of pelvis and genital organs may suffer from atherosclerosis.