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Economic Importance of Tobacco and Its Influence on Health

  • 02, 01, 2016
  •  Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

cigarette smokingCentral to the effective control of cigarette smoking is an appreciation of tobaccos economic standing throughout the world. Since its discovery, tobacco has played an important role in farm economics and international trade. As shown in Table 3, worldwide tobacco production and consumption have increased by more than 37 and 38%, respectively, over the past 20 years. Similar rates of increase are projected for the next decade. To be discussed later; developing countries are primarily responsible for this continued market expansion. Table 4 shows that shares of US cigarette exports have shifted most to Asian and African countries.

China in 1983 produced by far the largest proportion of the worlds tobacco (Table 5), followed by the United States, India, Brazil, and the USSR. Both China and Brazil have increased their worldwide production shares steadily over the past two decades, while the United States and Japan have become less dominant producers.

In addition to tobaccos contributions to gross national products and national employment rolls, governments realize considerable revenues from taxes on tobacco products and trade. Even in China, where the China National Tobacco Corporation controls tobacco from production all the way through marketing of manufactured products, nationwide plans to stabilize tobacco production are difficult to enforce because monetary returns to tobacco farmers remain high and local governments benefit from taxes. The development of substitute crops for tobacco is problematic. As a field crop, tobacco yields the highest monetary return per unit of land. It has very high labor and capital input requirements that make a switch to other crops difficult.

International Control of Smoking and the US Experience for Developing Countries

  • 01, 31, 2016
  •  Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

tobacco-associated diseaseAny international discussion of smoking control would be parochial without mention of the special problems facing developing countries. Although there remains a paucity of precise information concerning tobacco use prevalence in developing countries, available data suggest an increasing epidemic of tobacco-associated disease in countries in which competing causes of death, such as infection and subnutrition, are coming under control. Widely entrenched smoking habits already have been associated with increasing cancer rates in developing countries with relatively young populations. In general, the countries where consumption of tobacco is growing fastest are the worlds poorest and hungriest. Reported smoking prevalence rates in men in selected developing countries illustrate the widespread nature of the habit: Nepal (60 to 85% in 1980), Sri Lanka (48% in 1968), Thailand (51% in 1976-1981), Brazil (52% in 1983), and Zambia (63% in 1984).

A major contributor to these observed increases in smoking prevalence is the tobacco industry’s aggressive marketing system in the Third World. Cigarettes are readily available, highly visible, and a source of employment for many. In Kenya, for example, there are 40,000 to 50,000 tobacco retailers — twice the number of individuals with television sets. (This feet minimizes the effect of a tobacco industry agreement to ban TV commercials in the country.) Tobacco companies also provide ready technical assistance to farmers growing tobacco.

As shown in Table 11, the annual average consumption of tobacco in developing countries, especially in Latin America, increased from 0.79 to 0.81 kg per person per year in the mid-1970s, compared with decreases worldwide (1.17 to 1.15) and more markedly in developed countries (2.11 to 2.02).

ARD and ARVI. The Treatment Provided By Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

  • 12, 08, 2015
  •  Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

acute respiratory diseasesThe term ARD (acute respiratory diseases) is a name not of one, but a number of infectious diseases which affect the top airways and are transferred in the airborne way. In relation to diseases which have the virus origin, other term is used namely ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection), however, it is worth noticing that in most cases ARD also develops owing to activity of viral infections. Considering this fact, it is possible to come to a conclusion that both terms ARD and ARVI designate almost same groups of diseases.

Distinctive feature of all ARD is symptoms which testify to top airways epithelium damage. Exactly there is an accumulation of activators, their primary sedimentation and reproduction. Further activity of viruses leads to development of the inflammatory processes and various complications connected with violations of vital systems work of the organism. From the person to the person ARD is transferred in the airborne way, and in certain cases also animals can be a source of the infection.

As infections affect the top airways, it is possible to allocate a number of acute respiratory viral infection symptoms, characteristic for all types throat irritation, cough,voice hoarseness, cold, feeling of weakness, muscular pains, temperature rise. Some diseases of ARD lead to increase in lymph nodes, obstruction of bronchial tubes, retrosternal pain, to development of pharyngitis and pneumonia. If at the diagnosis of ARD treatment was insufficient or wasn’t carried out at all, patients risk to face serious complications.

If there is a risk to transform the ARD to other diseases but severe it is better to undergo medical treatment and begin it. Via Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy you may order drugs obligatory to recover. The procedure of making order is simple enough to make an order doubtless.

Most often infections bring to impaired judgment, hemorrhages in internals, nasal bleedings,peripheral nerves damage, to suffocation owing to throat narrowing, to exacerbations of bronchial asthma, to severe pain at food swallowing. ARD at pregnancy as they can threaten health of the kid are especially dangerous, cause irreversible changes of a fetus or premature birth.

As ARD including the whole group of various infections, there is a set of the preparations and techniques urged to cure patients. We will notice also that simple and medium-weight forms of ARD, as a rule, don’t demand specific treatment, but doctors recommend to use “house” means for arresting the sharpest symptoms. At the heavy course of diseases urgent therapy is shown to patients, and at ARD of the bacterial origin antibiotics should be applied.

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